Beginning in December of 2011 Lydia Lunch and Elise Passavant have been roaming remote locations in Soria, Spain to document the faded beauty of its many lost villages. This transformational journey laid the foundation for the collaboration Dust and Shadows.
 Dust and Shadows is a unique combination of otherworldly textures, images and sound, which deal lyrically with loss, love, rage and survival. Haunting images of the numerous ghost towns littered throughout the Spanish desert and the lost lovers whose mysterious specter seem to forever stalk it’s abandoned ruins and empty rooms create a gorgeous backdrop of atmospheric layers.
 Dust and Shadowsis an impassioned word based performance by Lydia Lunch, illustrated by an evocative multimedia presentation utilizing images captured and mixed live by self-proclaimed “multimedia Swiss army knife” Elise Passavant. Psycho ambient soundscapes further the dynamic musicality of Lydia’s lyrical poetry and hypnotic voice.


Dust and Shadowsbegs the question If you can lose yourself in a crowd, can you find your self in the empty arms of an abandoned ghost town?

Dust & Shadows (Edited Clip)

Recorded at 21 c Louisville, Ky

by www.elisepassavant.com



Extract from Dust and Shadows performance - recorded at 21 c Louisville, Ky

by www.elisepassavant.com